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This section will be regularly updated as the project progresses


Where can I find your document 'Exploring the Opportunity?

It is available for download and to read online on the following pages:

Design Journey (Pre-Design/Exploring the Opportunity)


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What happened to the old plans?

We consulted on a design for a brand new facility at the Rec almost four years ago. Whilst these proposals presented an exciting opportunity for redevelopment at the Rec, we feel that, given the passage of time, it is only right that we should look again at the design for this unique location. This fresh start also provides us with a fantastic opportunity to revisit the potential for realising the wider benefits redevelopment may bring including the regeneration of the riverside; the creation of a vibrant hub serving professional sport, amateur sport and the wider community; and the realisation of a design solution which not only befits an iconic location, but also complements the renowned architecture of the City of Bath.

Where will Bath Rugby play during construction works?

It is too early to say and this will be dependent upon the outcome of a planning application.

Legal / ownership

Who owns the Rec?

The Recreation Ground is owned and operated by the Recreation Ground Trust, an independent charity. The purpose of the charity is the provision of property in or near Bath for use as outdoor recreation facilities for the benefit of the public. The charity's primary tenants (Bath Leisure Centre and Bath Rugby) provide income which enables the charity to invest in the furtherance of its charitable purpose.

Will Bath Rugby be allowed to use more land at the Rec for redevelopment?

The area currently occupied by Bath Rugby is in accordance with the existing leases at the Rec. The ruling of the Charity First-Tier Tribunal in December 2016 regarding the Recreation Ground finally provided clarity over the site. Following this decision the powers of Bath Recreation Ground Trust have been clarified, including its ability to lease the Club additional land for redevelopment. It is anticipated that a new lease would be negotiated with Bath Recreation Ground Trust as designs are developed.

Can I still access the Rec?

Yes. The Recreation Ground will remain open for members of the public to enjoy.


How does the planning process work?

We will be following Bath and North East Somerset Council’s planning process. Bath Rugby will submit an application to the Council who will determine whether the scheme should go ahead.

When will we see detailed plans?

You will be able to view plans throughout the design process at our consultation events. The final detailed plans will be available to view on the Bath and North East Somerset Council’s website once a planning application has been submitted.

When are you submitting a planning application?

We’re at a very early stage of the design process and therefore it is too early to say when an application will be submitted.

When will you start building?

This is fully dependent on the planning process and as such it is too early to say.

When will the new stadium be complete?

This is fully dependent on the planning process and as such it is too early to say.


What will the new stadium look like?

We’re at a very early stage of the design process and as yet we do not have any designs to show.

What materials will you use?

We’re at a very early stage of the design process so it is too early to say.

Will you be building a permanent structure?

Our aim is to build a permanent structure to allow us to provide world class facilities not just for Bath Rugby but for the wider community.

How big will it be?

We’re at a very early stage of the design process so it is too early to say.

What will the capacity be?

The Club’s aspiration is for a stadium with capacity of up to 18,000.

What extra facilities will there be?

It is still too early to say however it is our aspiration to provide facilities that will benefit Bath Rugby, its supporters and the wider community.

Will you improve the riverside?

Riverside regeneration is one of the benefits redevelopment could deliver for the City. Our aspiration is to enhance the riverside whilst protecting its core attributes. More detail on this will be available later in the planning and design process.


Have you already started consulting?

We have had initial meetings with key stakeholders from a wide cross-section of the city. These pre-design listening workshops have helped to inform us at this early stage of the community’s aspirations for the scheme.

When is the next consultation?

Details of the next consultation event will be available on this website in due course.

Can I view the plans and comment online?

Initial plans will be available on the website in due course. You will be able to provide feedback via a link, or you can email us at

When can I tell you what I think or ask a question?

You can submit feedback or ask a question at any time during the planning process. Please email us at and we will get back to you.

When can I comment on the planning application?

Once a planning application is registered with Bath and North East Somerset Council you will be able to leave your comments via their website.

How will my comments be taken on board?

We will regularly review all feedback throughout the design process. All feedback is welcomed.